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Guest Comments – 2011

From Facebook – Thanks!

01-23-2011 (Doug)


ping pong tourneyAnother great stay at Crescendo.

Over the years, our ping pong tourney has evolved into a major event.  The new table is great, and attached is a photo of our trophy that goes home with the winners:  proudly named,

The Dr. Mitch Trophy.

01-28-2011 (Dean)

This house is a playground! I absolutely love this place because it will make anyone feel like a rockstar/moviestar if only for a few nights :) I doubt anyone could find a nicer, funner, and more extreme place to ski in and out of! Regards,

02-12-2011 (Jason)

I was at the Grand Canyon 1 week before we arrived at Crescendo and I think the amazement was the same…what an unreal house! Our expectations were far exceeded when we arrived. I remember my first view of the house and my mouth dropping. We had 17 of us all together and this made for a great experience as we could not have had this at another house in Big White. All the amenities were far greater than I expected as well. Superb location and an exceptional time! We would not hesitate to recommend this house to anyone visiting Big White. Thanks for an amazing experience Crescendo! Just beware of hot tub eggs… ;)

04-25-2011 (Neel)

We had a fantastic weekend at Crescendo.  Your property is absolutely amazing and provided us with all the amenities and luxuries anyone could ask for.  Although the resort was completely closed, the fresh snow and fantastic (sunny, +15’C) kept the kids busy outside.  They had the entire hill to themselves for endless hours of sledding, snowball fights, etc.  We would hit the hot tub/pool each afternoon for some relaxation.  Having the BBQ onsite was perfect as each night we cooked some great meals and enjoyed large family feasts in the dining room, before setting down in the media room to watch our beloved Vancouver Canucks compete in teh playoffs on the 110″ screen.

Thanks again.  We are already talking about how we can come back early December to enjoy the property and also some skiing.  It was a shame the resort closed on April 10th, as the amount of fresh snow and great weather would have been enjoyed by all.  But on the same token, it was a cool feeling knowing that we had the entire Big White resort to ourselves!  How often can anyone say that :)

From the Guest Journal (and Emails) – Thanks!

08-01-2011 (Joe)

Just had a great weekend at Crescendo!  Used the house as a base for a golf weekend for myself and 20 friends.  The home was larger and more grand than we could have ever expected.  We’d never been up to Big White in the summer before, and it was surprisingly quiet and cool, which was nice after hours in the hot sun on the course.  Would recommend Crescendo in the summer to any large group who wants to get near Kelowna but not in the middle of the action.  Many thanks to Mitch and Sheila who made our stay great!

08-07-2011 (Simon)

Mitchel –

The Crescendo is a fantastic getaway.  We all had an amazing time!  The house is beautiful, and what a spot up in Big White!  Jaw-dropping views, and the house complements the surroundings.

The technology of the home was outstanding, and there were no glitches to speak of.  The Crescendo is the boo ya, and all the upgrades worked fantastic.

Thank you much.

We will be back soon!

08-26-2011 (Peter)

Our family enjoyed a summer visit to Crescendo.  It offered lots of things to do in the house and a Great Room to catch-up and share meals.  A high-tech house indeed!

09-11-2011 (Anellina/Carl)

Mitch/Dixon –

Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to stay at Crescendo for a whole week in early September.  The weather was perfect:  mid 70’s during the day and low 60’s at night (we gave up on Celcius, we are proud ignorant Americans).  It was wonderfully quiet on the mountain.  Enjoyed hangin-out with the locals at Carver’s (only place open, but food was good).

Crescendo is a technical marvel!  The only thing missing are automatic toilet paper dispensers, but I’m sure you are working on it.  The indoor/outdoor spa was a treat, the steam shower in the master and the Jacuzzi looking out over the Great Room and the mountains – great touch.

I can see what you mean that Crescendo can hold alot of people at once without the feeling of being crowded – with all the multi levels and ways to entertain oneself. We felt very cozy just the two of us.

We had a great time in that wonderful state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen.  Cooked to our heart’s content.  Used the outdoor barbeque a lot, being so close to the kitchen. I told Anellina the only thing the kitchen lacked was the Ice Cream maker, and then I found that too.

Tremendous views, great ambiance.  A truly wonderful way to spend our Anniversary.

Thanks again so much.

09-26-2011 (Brenda’s Babes)

Hazel – Magnificent!  Thank you.

Marsali – OMG…Let me know when you’re hiring!!

Jeanette – A truly unique environment.

Chris – Absolutely lovely…Beautiful home – Thank you!

Jaciala – So gorgeous and great company.  Lots of fun!

Elaine – Great company – Love the kitchen.

Jaycinta – A great place to get lost in a paradise.

Brenda – This was an awesome weekend,  Thank you for enabling others to enjoy your lovely vacation home.  It’s heaven on earth.

09-29-2011 (Hydra Gardening)

Parker – Unreal place.

Jordon – An amazing place that continues to be the perfect staff getaway.  Thanks for the memories.

11-27-2011 (Mark)

Hello again Crescendo.  Another great year.  Selena and ice skating and the hereafter.  Love the Christmas tree!

11-27-2011 (Vanessa)
Crescendo year three!  It’s been fun.  It’s our third year at Crescendo.  This time was a little more relaxed.  We watched movies, drank a ton, our other friends went to the club, we all soaked in the hot tub.  The Christmas tree was a nice touch.  Too bad the mountain wasn’t open yet this year.  But we always look forward to this trip every year!  Love this place!  Thanks again.
11-28-2011 (Loyal Hair Therapy)


Loyal Hair Therapy Christmas Party.  What an amazing vacation within the valley.  Crescendo is the perfect experience and fabulous calve workout on the stairs.  What a spectacular experience.  We enjoyed every moment.  We’ll be back!  Loyal.

11-28-2011 (Loyal Hair Therapy)

Hi Mitch –

I have been meaning to send a note for quite some time now, however, with the holiday season I keep getting distracted.

Thank you so much for enabling myself and my guests to have a wonderful time at Crescendo this past November.  The property is absolutely stunning and it was the perfect setting for the party.  Everyone had a fabulous time and we’re in awe of the beautiful home you have created.

Hopefully we can meet some time when you and Dixon are in the Okanagan Valley again.

Happy Holidays & all the best in the New Year.

12-23-2011 (Anellina/Carl)

Mitch/Dixon –

Reflecting again on our week’s stay at Crescendo in early September this past year.  What a place!  We had no idea when we saw it under construction what “mad” technical wizards you were. The TV/Movie room with that incredible 110″ plus screen was a treat. Your sound system is wonderful.  Especially in the Great Room, though, it is to die for. Great state-of-the art Gourmet Kitchen.

We really enjoyed the indoor/outdoor Spa. The steam shower up in the master bath with all those shower heads pointed at you was trick and very relaxing. The 180 degree plus views of the lush tree covered valley below and the mountains off in the distance are wonderful.

We will be very glad to hide out in luggage when you guys come back up in the winter. Lastly, we both felt a wonderful sense of peacefullness and beauty both indoors and out.  A great way to spend our Anniversary.  We love you guys!

Thanks again,


Peter (for August 2011) – Vancouver, BC

Great time – Our family enjoyed a summer visit to Crescendo. It offered lots of things to do in the house and a Great Room to catch-up and share meals. A high-tech house indeed! Vancouver

Kim (for April 2011) – Sydney, Australia

We loved Crescendo so much. We’ve traveled with our family extensively, skiing for many years, and have stayed in many beautiful places worldwide. We especially loved Crescendo due to its fantastic location and size! The house is so well planned out and the kitchen was just perfect for us, as we love to cook. Thanks for a great time. Best time and memories – forever! Sydney, Australia

Fred (for February 2011) – Kelowna, BC

Incredible Place – We have stayed at the Crescendo and by far it is something I would recommend others to do.

The place is beautiful. Perfect location for ski in and out. Hot tub is big enough for the whole group. Lots of beds for a large party. My favorite is the kitchen area – wide open and all windows.

If you are a techy person, you will love how the whole house is wired up with controls.

John & Paula (for January 2011) – Sydney Australia

Amazing – Crescendo is the total package! Prime position ski in and out. Perfectly located to all restaurants and amenities. The house is wow! We love to cook and the kitchen didn’t miss a beat! Theatre room was fantastic for everyone not to mention pool table and the swim in and out spa. Nothing was too much trouble and any problems were immediately rectified. We loved our stay at Crescendo! I hope we get to come again one day!

Guest Comments – 2009

From Facebook – Thanks!

05-13-2009 (Zac)

Hey Dr Mitch,

Here are some pics of our big day.  Cheers

Wedding in the Snow Crescendo Wedding

06-22-2009 (Mike & Chris)

Hi Mitch,

We just wanted to say thank you again for Crescendo.  The time at Crescendo was the highlight of our entire wedding!  We couldn’t have asked for anything more about Crescendo.

Catered Wedding

11-23-2009 (Fergus)

Hi Mitch

WOW!  What a place you have!  I just wanted to say a very big thank you for this weekend.  Myself and my family loved it and had a great time together.  I loved the kitchen (I was a chef a long time ago) as it was great cooking with Viking appliances.  I especially appreciated it as I know that for you, an avid microwave chocolate pie chef, the functionality of a kitchen would not always be the biggest priority.  Cooking for 16 people in this kitchen is a breeze and, oh yea, it looks great too.

It was very nice that Luc was there to meet us with a gift basket and freshly made banana bread and muffins.  It was just the very start of a great weekend.

I believe at this time every kid at school in Kelowna is hearing all about The Crescendo from my daughter, niece & nephews.

The whole house was great and my favorite time was sitting in front of the fireplace at 5 am listening to XM watching the snow groomers go by with no one else awake in the home.  Bliss!

12-29-2009 (Nick)

What a fantastic place! Rip Curl Canada held our Mountainwear Conference at Crescendo in December. This magnificent home, centrally located to skiing and amenities, provided the perfect place for this function. We skied all morning and worked all afternoon and evening – having everyone located in this place made for an incredibly productive and enjoyable conference. Thanks Dr Mitch.

From the Guest Journal – Thanks!

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From the Guest Register – Thanks!

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Flipkey & VRBO Guest Reviews- 2007-2009

Nick Russell (for December 2009) – Vancouver, BC

The best of Big White – What a fantastic place! Rip Curl Canada held our Mountainwear Conference at Crescendo in December. This magnificent home, centrally located to skiing and amenities, provided the perfect place for this function. We skied all morning and worked all afternoon and evening – having everyone located in this place made for an incredibly productive and enjoyable conference. Thanks Dr Mitch.

Fergus (for November 2009) – West Kelowna, BC

Big White’s Finest – We had 3 generations of family staying at The Crescendo, and everyone from the 1-year-old to the 73-year-old agreed this is the nicest and most impressive vacation home we have ever stayed in. The home is so well-designed that, even with 16 staying together, never once did we feel that we were camped or getting in each other’s way.

Cooking meals was a breeze in a kitchen set-up so well that you could probably cater for more than double the number we had. Then having a dining table that all of us could sit together just topped it off.

The Crescendo truly is an amazing home in a great location at Big White, with easy ski access and very close to the main village. The Crescendo is a true 5 Star experience.

Liz (for August 2009) – San Diego, California

Spectacular! The Crescendo Chalet is amazing! We had a wonderful time in B.C. Spending time with family is priceless! We had great wine, fabulous dinners, and relaxed with the breathtaking views. The house is cool and hip, but very warm and inviting…We will definitely be back someday for ski season. Thank you for making our stay unforgettable! Warmest regards, Liz

Wendy (for April 2009) – Marietta, Georgia

Big Palace – Crescendo certainly felt like its name. A beautiful ski home, right on the mountain, ski in and out. Although I am not an avid skier, I enjoyed the luxurious accommodations and beautiful views. It was also an easy walk into the village for restaurants and entertainment. Having never stayed in a “smart house”, I was amazed by what could be done from one control panel!

This native Floridian in me loved the heated floors. I never felt cold inside the house! There were several memorable aspects to Crescendo, like its wonderful in and outdoor sauna/pool and large movie screen and movie collection. Also, I truly appreciated a kitchen that’s better stocked with modern appliances than the one in my own home!

Cameron – (for March 2009) – Stouffville, Ontario

WOW! What an amazing time we had! This was by far our best family vacation ever. Since our stay back in 2009 we’ve been to Sun Peaks and Whistler: both amazing places to ski! But the kids always talk about Crescendo! The Parents too! You couldn’t ask for a better Ski in Ski out facility at Big White!

The home itself is second to none. From the time you got up till the time you went to bed you felt you got your money’s worth. Spectacular skiing and a Taj Mahal for accommodations. Everything was top of the line, and we felt like royalty. Crescendo exceeded our expectations. The least favorite part was having to leave! Hope all is well and we always think about Crescendo. Thanks again! Cameron

Ira (for February 2009) – Vernon, BC

By Far the Most Outstanding Property on Big White – I was reminded of our wonderful stay at Crescendo (a couple years back ) as I skied by this amazing property past weekend. I have never experienced such luxury at a ski resort. Thanks again for the great hospitality!

Cathy & Murray (for November 2007) – Oyama, BC

An amazing residence on top of the world that pampers you –
We stayed for three days at Crescendo with some very dear friends and had a glorious time! This intuitive, luxurious home welcomes you the second you walk in thru the front door with soft music, discreet lighting and a sparkling fire burning in the huge fireplace in the front room. A welcoming gift of fresh baking and local wine was thoughtfully placed on the kitchen island awaiting our arrival.

Every imaginable detail has been carefully thought out and provided for to make one’s stay comfortable and enjoyable yet exciting and stimulating. The kitchen is of professional quality with a huge gas cooktop, double dishwashers and a plethora of small appliances and cookwares. BBQ facilities are conveniently placed outdoors just a few steps from the kitchen. Guests can sit soft in the adjacent great room and visit with whomever is cooking or perch at the huge kitchen bar and watch food prep.

The panoramic windows in the living room soar to the sky, revealing a breathtaking view of the mountains beyond or skiers gliding by on the ski runs just outside.

The bedrooms are well appointed, all with luxurious linens and private bathrooms. The master suite sits privately aloft the entire house with steam shower, soaker tub and a view forever!

User friendly control screens are placed on the walls in virtually every room providing personalized room temperature, music selection, volume and lighting. Enjoying time in this electronically-advanced home gives one the feeling of being “beamed into the future”! It’s an experience in itself!

Entertainment has been generously provided for with TV’s in the bedrooms, an amazing and comprehensive home theatre room with hundreds upon hundreds of movies at your fingertips, and a wet bar nestled in the theatre room. Board games, ping pong, a workout gym are all there for your use. An indoor/outdoor hot tub/current pool pamper your tired muscles.

Laundry facilities, boot dryers, not a detail has been overlooked! A fantastic chalet! We’ll be back!

Trevor (for October 2007) – Kelowna, BC

Amazing Experience – I was invited to stay at Crescendo with several friends, and it was amazing! We had a blast. Everything at Crescendo was perfect. The entertainment system is absolutely fantastic and the sound system in the house is great. Staying at Crescendo we felt like royalty.

When you go, make sure to try out the indoor/outdoor hot tub as well, you will love it! The hot tub was one of the best things about this place. You can swim under the glass and be outside watching the skiers go down the hill, and if you get too cold you can swim back under the glass and be inside.

Technological Masterpiece: What we are currently considering

MediaCrescendo will get some major upgrades this summer.  The first upgrade retires our 450+ DVD collection and Escient server.  I know.  It’s hard to think of DVDs as being “antiques”, but when it comes to streaming video and Media Servers, DVDs are old school.  Instead, we plan to kick-off the summer with more than 600 Movie/TV titles (many of which are BluRay).  These will all be stored on hard drives, which stream into the Theatre and play on our 110″ screen.  The system we’re looking at, called Drobo.


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