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2012 Newsletter

The Snow is Here!

The snow is here!  Plenty of it, in fact, at Big White already.  Fortunately, after a few consecutive days of snow, yesterday the sun came out providing a spectacular backdrop for the wedding that took place at Crescendo.  Congratsto the newlyweds!

Not many new techy gadgets at Crescendo this year, but we’ve made considerable improvements and upgrades to enhance you experience (as if Crescendo needed any enhancements).   What types of enhancements?  Below are just a few.

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Theatre Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the 7.1 Surround Sound System in the theatre.  New amp and pre-amp providing better sound separation.  The two subwoofers that are now separated in stereo, in fact, totally rock!

Not to forget that last year we canned all our DVDs, and now have a 24 Terabyte movie server, with more than 850 movies that stream digitally into the Theatre.  Check-out our constantly growing selection at (password:  2504486299).

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Other Enhancements

Custom cabinetry and cushioned seating in the garage have been added for your Ping Pong, Wii, and Workout experiences.

UV tinting on the Pool & Ski Entry Doors, and custom fit shears on the glass block staircase, now make the home’s climate more controllable for your comfort.

1000 count and 1500 count Egyptian Cotton Sheets have been added to provide the ultimate in coziness at the end of the day.

We’ve added several small appliances to our gourmet kitchen (most at the request of our guests), and we have a brand new BBQ grille.

Crescendo has also undergone a cosmetic overhaul.  Practically the entire home has been repainted, the cabinetry re-stained, and the floors stripped and re-varnished.  Also, check this out.  Our two art walls are finally no longer bare.

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Direct Flights from LAX

Great news also for those living in Southern California.  United Airlines, beginning 19 December, will be flying direct to/from Los Angles (LAX) and Kelowna (YLW).  Leaving LA at 7:00 pm and arriving in Kelowna at 10:00 pm, means that even the workaholic can fit in a weekend of world-class skiing at Big White, and pamper themselves in a world-class home.

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Watch for Deals or Take a Tour

Remember, for those of you who can take advantage of last-minute specials, I’ll be posting those on Crescendo’s blog and also on our Facebook page.

Also, if you know when you are going to be at Big White, and you’d like to tour Crescendo, please let me know.  Especially if I’m at Crescendo at the time, I’d be happy to show you around and, perhaps, share some wine and some gaming.  After all, I’m always looking for new victims to beat in Ping Pong.


Updated Guest Comments

From the Guest Journal (and Emails) – Thanks!

09-26-2011 (Brenda’s Babes)

Hazel – Magnificent!  Thank you.

Marsali – OMG…Let me know when you’re hiring!!

Jeanette – A truly unique environment.

Chris – Absolutely lovely…Beautiful home – Thank you!

Jaciala – So gorgeous and great company.  Lots of fun!

Elaine – Great company – Love the kitchen.

Jaycinta – A great place to get lost in a paradise.

Brenda – This was an awesome weekend,  Thank you for enabling others to enjoy your lovely vacation home.  It’s heaven on earth.

09-29-2011 (Hydra Gardening)

Parker – Unreal place.

Jordon – An amazing place that continues to be the perfect staff getaway.  Thanks for the memories.

11-28-2011 (Loyal Hair Therapy)

Hi Mitch –

I have been meaning to send a note for quite some time now, however, with the holiday season I keep getting distracted.

Thank you so much for enabling myself and my guests to have a wonderful time at Crescendo this past November.  The property is absolutely stunning and it was the perfect setting for the party.  Everyone had a fabulous time and we’re in awe of the beautiful home you have created.

Hopefully we can meet some time when you and Dixon are in the Okanagan Valley again.

Happy Holidays & all the best in the New Year.

12-23-2011 (Anellina/Carl)

Mitch/Dixon –

Reflecting again on our week’s stay at Crescendo in early September this past year.  What a place!  We had no idea when we saw it under construction what “mad” technical wizards you were. The TV/Movie room with that incredible 110″ plus screen was a treat. Your sound system is wonderful.  Especially in the Great Room, though, it is to die for. Great state-of-the art Gourmet Kitchen.

We really enjoyed the indoor/outdoor Spa. The steam shower up in the master bath with all those shower heads pointed at you was trick and very relaxing. The 180 degree plus views of the lush tree covered valley below and the mountains off in the distance are wonderful.

We will be very glad to hide out in luggage when you guys come back up in the winter. Lastly, we both felt a wonderful sense of peacefullness and beauty both indoors and out.  A great way to spend our Anniversary.  We love you guys!

Thanks again,

Ski Condo Anyone?

Enjoy winter up on the hill

Crescendo InteriorDo you have trouble maintaining friendships? Do people seem to be less and less available the longer they know you? Are you confused as to why your Mailman keeps losing wedding invitations people swear they mailed you?

Well my friend, you may be suffering from Socialitis. It’s a real problem facing millions of socially awkward Canadians. While the drug companies have been unable to treat it, we’ve discovered a cure.


“Buy a Place on a Ski Resort”, by Sherlock and Associates.

This safe, all natural remedy is proven to treat the worst cases of Socialitis (as well as Singleness). Happy clients report that within 3 months of buying their winter wonderland property their social lives improved dramatically. Colleagues began asking about holiday plans, extended family members started to visit and friends once believed to have left the country suddenly popped up and were available to hang out…at least on long weekends and after heavy snowfalls.

Wondering if now is the time to finally treat Socialitis? Consider these stats:

-There are currently 225 active listings at Big White alone.
-The average sold price at Big White is under $225,000 (significantly under the average listing price).
-Deals can now be readily found on Whistler, with many condos selling in the $350,000-$450,000 range.

Please contact us with your own specifics and we’ll get you set up with some current, active listings and the best deals on the BC Ski Resorts.

If you’ve ever considered investing in your own piece of your favourite ski resort, now is the time to take action. Let us know if we can be of service. We are able to introduce you to fantastic Realtors at all the major resorts including Silver Star, Red Mountain, Revelstoke Mountain, Sun Peaks, Big White and of course Whistler.

Warning: Side effects of “Buying a Place on a Ski Resort” include increased interest from the opposite sex, more enjoyable weekends and life long family memories.

The Ultimate in Luxury Ski Condos – Crescendo @ Big White

Crescendo ExteriorOne of the most luxurious properties at Big White, Crescendo will impress even the most discerning individual. This property is available to rent for all of your special occasion including Christmas parties, family reunions, weddings, golf get aways or your dream ski vacation. It’s so fantastic you may have a hard time finding motivation to get out on to the slopes!

Click Here for more photos and info – Crescendo Feature


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