At Big White, Crescendo defines “Luxury”

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Our 1st Wedding at Our New Summer Playground

Our 1st Wedding at Our New Summer Playground


As a Destination Venue, Crescendo is truly spectacular for weddings.   Earlier this month, we hosted a wedding for 120 guests.  A new wedding video is in the works.  In the meantime, here's a preview.  A drone shot of the 120-seat set-up. 



As With Most Weddings...

New Email Review – We all had an absolute blast!!!

Claire, Chris, & baby Kellen (for January 2015) – Kelowna, BC

We all had an absolute blast!!!

Claire-Chris-KellenHi Dr Mitch!

I was planning on emailing you, mainly to say, “Thank you so very much for opening the doors of your amazing home for our special day, and for ourselves and our family and friends to enjoy in the days that followed.” We all had an absolute blast!!!

Claire-Chris-Kellen - Boys of HonorEveryone raved about what a stunning venue we had and we felt very lucky to stay at the crescendo.

As with all weddings, there were a few small hiccups. But all in all it went extremely well, and everyone had such a great time in the snow!

Not sure if you knew, but the power went out [at Big White] the last night we were there! That was fun, but also a blessing, as it sent all of us to bed early, and we all needed it! ;)

Thanks so very, very much. You truly have an amazing little piece of the earth there :)

Claire-Chris-Kellen - Maids of HonorKindest regards,

Claire, Chris & baby Kellen

Corporate Team Building Event

Spuds of Thunder

What a fun group of Corporate Executives!  This group involved top execs from several companies, coming together for a team building event.  Coaches from Corporate Explorer Training and from Canadian Outback provided the team building events.  Some photos from the event follow.



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