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Crescendo Takes Home the Oscar


Crescendo Takes Home the Oscar



Crescendo awarded the Oscar for


What an amazing week for Ski Crescendo!

We’ve made headlines after being awarded the Oscar for being "Canada’s Best Ski Chalet" at the 7th Annual World Ski Awards in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Votes for this award were cast by ski and travel industry experts, tour operators, the media, and the public, so it is an honour for Crescendo to be named the best in Canada.  A huge "THANK YOU" to all of our guests and to all of Crescendo's fans worldwide.  Without you, of course, the Oscar would have gone elsewhere. 

Big White is Buzzing

Big White Ski Resort was about as excited as we were to hear about the award.  Sharing the news of Crescendo's Oscar on the resort’s website, Senior Vice President, Michael J. Ballingall, stated:

We’re so honoured to be home to the number one chalet in Canada. We’re so proud of Mitch and his vision for the property. It’s one people have grown to love, respect and want to be part of.

Big White's blog about the award may be found here.

Our award win also made headlines further down the hill, as the story was featured on the Kelowna Capital Newswebsite.

Take a Tour of Canada’s Best Ski Chalet!

If you’d like to find out what makes our luxury ski chalet so special, then you can take a look around Canada’s best ski chalet yourself, with our unique 360 interactive online tour!



Big White Luxury Chalet Crescendo Recognised as an Eco Chalet

Who says it ain’t easy being green?

Ski Crescendo was specially-designed/built for both luxury and efficiency.  That is, even though Crescendo is rather spacious (with 30' floor-to-ceiling glass overlooking the slope), we actually tread quite lightly on the environment.  We're quite proud, in fact, to be referred to by our guests as being eco-friendly or as being the Big White's eco-chalet.

It was great to be recently recognized, too, as one of the greenest chalets in town by the Big White website , so we thought this would give us a great excuse to focus on Crescendo’s super smart eco features.

Ski Crescendo, Luxury Eco Chalet Big White

Ski Crescendo’s stunning accommodation is located at the heart of Big White village, nestled on the corner of the Hummingbird Run and Gondola Way.  Crescendo is no ordinary chalet, it's a luxury eco chalet, which offers the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency.

The Heat is On!’s always cozy at Crescendo, with our economic
geothermal heating system.

Controlled by our smart system, every surface is warmed by an underground geothermal heating system.  The system keeps your toes comfy, but also warms the room evenly from floor to about 6½ feet high!

The system even melts the snow around the perimeter of the jacuzzi, so when sitting on our jacuzzi's ledge, our guests never freeze their butts off.

Smart Efficient Lighting

Our heating isn't all that's efficient or smarty at Crescendo?

We’ve got smart lighting as well!  Light sensors are fitted throughout the chalet and adjust depending on the time of day.  The lights (and even our fireplace) also know when guests have left the room, and after a while they systematically dim and then turn themselves off.  

Stay at Crescendo Luxury Accommodation Big White

Crescendo is perfect for family vacations, executive retreats, or as a beautiful mountain wedding venue.  If you’d like to find out more about the chalet and book your luxury ski vacation in BC, then contact us today.





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