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Crescendo's 2016 Transformation

Crescendo – The King of the Mountain:  even more comely
(part 2, our new Interior)

Crescendo's 2016 Color Scheme


We hear you, and we take action.  

No, we’re not like one’s teenager.  We actually listen to our guests.  Better yet, we take action.  We’re very interested to know what might make your stay at Crescendo even that much more enjoyable, so we not only actively solicit feedback from you, but we actually implement your requests and/or make the changes you suggest.  How great is that?


Changes/Upgrades/Additions:  Interior

Although our original color scheme was attractive, we agreed with a guest who suggested that Crescendo might be due for a makeover.  Voila!  Our new color palette is at the same time both bold and sophisticated.  

Speaking of “bold,” wait till you see our new Great Room carpet!  Oh, tongue hold still.  Don’t let the cat out of the bag just yet.  

We believe our new colors serve to enhance Crescendo’s rather dramatic architecture, while providing a cozy cocoon of comfort for the beleaguered snow-sporter or mountain biker/hiker.  This new color palette, however, necessitated new furniture and new accessories, and those, too, had to be consistent with our contemporary style and with our bent toward integrating both form and function.

As you can see …  Oops, not so fast.  Crescendo’s new furnishings will be revealed in a later post.


Crescendo's 2016 Transformation

Crescendo – The King of the Mountain:  even more comely
(part 1, of this year’s Changes/Upgrades/Additions)

Sneak Peak: Collage of Changes to Crescendo


Prompted largely by guest feedback, this past year Crescendo has undergone the greatest transformation since our Grand Opening in October of 2007:  to our interior, to our outdoor play areas, and to our amenities.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the reveal.  Look for it!





Get Your Head OUT of the Clouds

Your Head Should be Above the Clouds, not merely out of the clouds.

 inversion 1inversion 2These pics, courtesy of Big White Ski Resort, is what Big White looks like NOW.
Above the clouds, perfect; Below the clouds, snowing.
Crescendo has ONLY 2 weekend dates available left for the season: 1 in Feb, 1 in March. If you’re thinking about coming up, don’t let someone else grab them. See our calendar:  click here.‬


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