At Big White, Crescendo defines “Luxury”

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What an Incredible Accolade from CNN

CNN Gives Big White an Incredible Accolade!

According to CNN, Big White's Cliff Run is one of the best ski runs IN THE WORLD! Crescendo's owner, taking in the view before tackling the Cliff Run.In a recent article, CNN listed Big White’s Cliff run as being one of the top 100 ski runs IN THE WORLD!

Yep, I know that run, and I have the pics to prove it! As you can tell from the photo, the view from the Cliff Run is not too shabby either.  Check-out CNN’s World’s best ski run review here: CNN Review 

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Vogue Magazine & Crescendo

Vogue Magazine finds Crescendo

canadian-ski-retreat-guideNot too shabby, when VOGUE MAGAZINE just happens to mention your vacation home in a published article.

After your day on the slopes, Vogue notes, you should, “then chill out at Crescendo, a luxurious five-bed, five-bath ski-in/ski-out chalet.”

Click here to see full article:  5 Under-the-Radar Canadian Ski Resorts That Aren’t Whistler

A Letter to Santa

A Letter to Santa

Santa 1 - Crescendo at Big WhiteDear Santa –
Normally we spend Christmas at our home in Australia. This year, though, we’ll be staying at Crescendo at Big White, and I’m wondering if you could bring our gifts to Crescendo instead. Given all the snow they get there, I’m thinking that Big White is probably closer to your home at the North Pole anyway, so it shouldn’t really be out of your way.
Love, Mark
P.S. – Please tell Rudolph that Crescendo at Big White is on Google Maps/Places. If he needs coordinates, though, they are 49.720100, -118.926359 (latitude, longitude)
Santa 2 - Crescendo at Big WhiteMy Dear Mark –
Oh yes. I ski & board at Big White every year, and I know Crescendo well: so big, and such an easy roof to land on. You must have been a very good boy this year to deserve such a wonderful ski vacation.
Love, Santa

Photos courtesy of Big White Ski Resort


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