At Big White, Crescendo defines “Luxury”


To Entertain or to be Entertained?

Chefs love our gourmet Kitchen, and they love catering for our guests.If that’s the question, then Crescendo says, “Yes” to both.  Crescendo at Big White, in fact, is the perfect venue for family or corporate retreats, for weddings, and more.  Crescendo’s expansive ceilings and open layout combine to make our Ski Chalet warm and inviting:  whether the event is small and intimate or over 100 strong.  Time and again, caterers and chefs have commented about how well Crescendo’s kitchen is appointed and stocked.  We have a Thermador gas range, a True sliding glass door fridge, a True freezer, a Marvel IceMachine, a Sharp microwave drawer, and two Miele dishwashers.  Bottom line:  if it is not the best of the best, it is not for Crescendo.



Do you ... I do.Weddings at Crescendo are limited only by one’s imagination.

Rub-a-dub-dub, all the bridesmaids in a tub: the Master Ensuite tub, that is.Where else, for example, could the Bridesmaids congregate all at one time in the Master Ensuite’s tub?

An audio/video slide show of the Bride and Groom from birth to present day is captivating, as well, and readily accomplished in the Media Room from your device (computer, phone, tablet) to our projector (and 110″ screen).

We’ve also embedded into Crescendo a studio quality wireless microphone system, allowing for ceremonies to take place both inside and slopeside.  Volume, of course, is controlled via the touchpanels, through which also any or all of the 16 indoor/outdoor audio zones can be activated.

See also our entire Weddings/Events Photo Gallery here.


Holidays, Retreats, and Group Events

Christmas at Crescendo is wholly magical.  Why only dream of a White Christmas when it can be your reality?

Holidays at Crescendo are wholly magical.For the holidays, our 12' Christmas tree adds a festive note to the Great Room's rich ambiance.A memorable moment - captured.Night or day, there is something magical about white weddings.

Crescendo at Big White has been privileged to host many types of retreats, including multi-generational family retreats and business retreats (e.g., Rip Curl, Canada).  As the Media Room is wired to shake hands with your personal laptop, tablet, or phone, computerized presentations are a breeze, and they are projected in High Definition (1080p) onto Crescendo’s 110” screen.  A fully-equipped bar (with its own microwave, ice-maker, fridge, dishwasher) complements our Media Room as well.

Photos of Crescendo’s Theatre/Media Room (and bar) can be seen here.


All Under the Same Roof

Wouldn’t it be more fun, if everyone in your group were able to stay at a luxury accommodation under the same roof at the same time?  For many of our groups, that specific factor was critical to their choosing Crescendo.  From May to mid-November, in fact, Crescendo is largely frequented by groups of golfing buddies.

To golf aficionados, Kelowna is a golfing mecca.  The climate, the long/dry season, the natural beauty, and the accessibility are all contributory.  The number and variety of uniquely distinct courses that offer diverse play - from the beginner to the pro - set Kelowna apart as well.

We’re committed to making your vacation experience at Crescendo (our Luxury Ski Chalet Accommodation & Lodging at Big White) both spectacular and unforgettable.  Please let us know how may we assist you in making that happen.  We are extremely easy to reach (especially by email), so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or by using the Booking Inquiry Form, here.

In the meantime, it’s with great pleasure that we present for your enjoyment, Crescendo.

Mitch Perlman, Owner

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