At Big White, Crescendo defines “Luxury”

At Big White, Crescendo defines “Luxury”

in design - DISTINCTIVE; in quality - UNCOMPROMISING; in amenities - EXTRAORDINARY

Does the 30' of floor-to-ceiling glass make that guy look puny or what?

From its distinctive look to its uncompromising design, Crescendo is a testament to architectural genius.  A work of Art, actually, where contemporary ingenuity (and elegance) interact seamlessly (and harmoniously) with nature’s raw beauty.  One guest, in fact, shared that she'd "sent the architectural plans to St Peter, so when I get to heaven he will already have a start on my dream chalet." 

At about 5200 square feet, Crescendo is one of Big White’s largest single-family homes offered as a rental accommodation.  More importantly, though, at Big White, Crescendo defines “luxury,” and every aspect about the home was designed for practicality and for comfort. 

Crescendo's Great Room looks out to the ski slope only 5' away (making everyone on the slope jealous of the guests staying there).

Embedded into the mountain’s granite base, and following closely the mountain’s natural contour, Crescendo was brilliantly engineered to be an extension of the mountain itself.  Six very separate / private areas are created by half-rotations around our striking glass-block spiraled staircase.  So, while Crescendo is at first a 3 bedroom 5 bathroom home, our rooms may be configured in various ways, so that Crescendo may have up to 6 bedrooms.  Crescendo, too, has enough fixed and movable beds to sleep 22.  Our intention, though, is to comfortably sleep 14.
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While each room captures views of the slopes and/or of the majestic Monashee Mountains, the views from the Great Room, from the Kitchen, and from the Dining Room are absolutely breathtaking.  When cooking, dining, or relaxing, thirty feet of floor-to-ceiling windows provide unprecedented panoramas upon which the eye may endlessly feast.  The master ensuite, which overlooks the Great Room, is advantaged by that same view.



A Technological Masterpiece

The touchpanels (in every room) are intuitive, making whole house control a breeze.Practical elegance is another way to describe Crescendo, and that description extends also to its SmartHome features.  Whether you’re technologically savvy or technologically challenged, you’ll be intrigued by the intuitive nature of Crescendo’s home automation systems.  When you arrive to Crescendo, merely touch “Hello," and the home awakens.  Key lighting guides you through each room, and both the fireplace and the whole-house XM music automatically activate setting the ambiance while you settle in.  You’ll enjoy experimenting with the touchpanels in each room, through which computer-integrated lighting, audio/video, and climate-control are all at your command.

Crescendo’s systems, though, remain vigilant and at optimal levels, even when you may be operating less than optimally yourself.  Arriving back to the home late at night on less than four cylinders?  No worries.  Crescendo predicts your movement, gently illuminating the way ahead of you, and slowly fading the lights behind you.

We provide MANY options for projecting YOUR video (or ours) onto THE BIG SCREEN.Sixteen amplified zones allow music to be localized or to be distributed throughout the entire home (garage and outside decks/patios, inclusive).  While XM radio is provided for you, Crescendo can also shake hands with your own device (computer, iOS, Android), allowing you the ability to play your personal audio/video collection through our distributed systems, as well (by mirroring your device through our AppleTV, or by direct connection through your device's headphone jack).



Wired for Wireless

Crescendo's brains ... in the raw.More than 7 ½ miles of network cable unify Crescendo’s systems.  We’re even wired for wireless, and in more ways than one!  That is, in key locations throughout the home, we’ve embedded the most advanced access points, so that you can connect wirelessly to the internet from any location in any room. 

>Thanks to Telus' fiber optic network, too, Crescendo has the boasts the fastest available internet speeds.

Phone service is provided via a regular landline for local calling.  Free long distance to many (but not all) locations worldwide is provided, as well. 



Just Another Day in Paradise

The views from Big White's ski lifts are truly spectacular.Ever been to Disneyland?  I have, and I understand what happens beneath the park’s surface may be more intriguing than what happens at eye-level.  And so it is with Crescendo.  You may discover during your visit, for example, flush-mount vents suddenly extending from walls.  That’s our fresh-air circulation and recovery system, which is continually venting air from each room and bringing fresh outside air back into each room.  The heat is extracted from the air as it exits, and infused back into the fresh air upon entry.

The above exchange is made possible by Crescendo’s geothermal system.  To provide clean green energy (heating and air-conditioning), we drilled 19 holes 300 feet deep, through which we collect thermal energy and distribute it throughout the house.  Every walking surface inside Crescendo is heated:  and I do Every floor surface is heated.  A view of our geothermal piping before concrete.mean, EVERY surface (garage floors, inclusive).  That same energy source provides the heat for the Jacuzzi, for the snow-melt around the Jacuzzi’s perimeter, and for Crescendo’s domestic hot water.

Regarding hot water, you’ll note that, from every faucet or shower head, the temperature is at the appropriate level straight-away.  That’s because hot water is circulated through the hot water pipes every two minutes, twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.



Custom is Customary

Crescendo's fireplace is, indeed, stunning.  Still, it's more about the warmth of the atmosphere it creates, which is infectious.Crescendo's Theatre is outstanding; but, can you find two of our Murphy Beds?

Excepting some of the furniture, everything at Crescendo was custom designed and built.  Honed quartzite slate is not only the backdrop for the 25’ tall fireplace, but it covers several portions of key walls (inside and outside), as well as the pool and each of the showers.  
The Theatre can convert to a bedroom, with 3 custom Wall Beds: each with it's own custom cabinetry.

The three Murphy Beds (Wall Beds) in the Media Room were designed so that guests may unpack and move into the room.  Each Murphy Bed, for example, has its own closet and set of drawers, built into the walls to either side.


From the ski entry door, a view of our ski-in breezeway and Ski Locker. How convenient is that?Serpentine glass block walls provide just the right amount openness and separation of space.

The ski locker is part of the ski-in breezeway, where skis and boards can be stored (and worked on) instead of bringing them inside the main house (which is a 'no, no').  Step into the house through the ski entry door, where you’ll find benches to assist with removing boots, along with custom boot blowers to dry and to store them.  There is plenty of shelving for helmets and accessories, and there is an abundance of hooks to hang jackets.

Want to remove more clothing?  Two heavy duty washers and two heavy-duty dryers are in the nearby laundry area.



Down Under & Under Down

Ahhh...Now this is what I'm talking about!The Aussie influence permeates Big White’s culture and, at Crescendo, “no worries” means “no worries.”  During your stay, in fact, the temperature in each room is monitored remotely (via the internet), ensuring climatized stability and comfort at all times.

We realize that extreme skiing on the slopes requires extreme pampering off the slopes.  When retiring for the night, then, you’ll delight in sandwiching yourself between down pillow toppers and down comforters.  With that pairing, in addition to our 1500 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, you can be rest assured that your rest will be assured.

Be it in luxury, amenities, location, or comfort, Crescendo truly has you covered, from Ahh to Zzz...

We’re committed to making your vacation experience at Crescendo (our Luxury Ski Chalet Accommodation & Lodging at Big White) both spectacular and unforgettable.  Please let us know how may we assist you in making that happen.  We are extremely easy to reach (especially by email), so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or by using the Booking Inquiry Form, here.

In the meantime, it’s with great pleasure that we present for your enjoyment, Crescendo.

Mitch Perlman, Owner

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