At Big White, Crescendo defines “Luxury”

A Playground for Everyone

Non-Skiers?  No Problem!

Not sure about the movie?  Play the movie's trailers by clicking on its jacket.Crescendo is a state-of-the-art luxury chalet, and staying at Crescendo is akin to being at your own private lodge while at Big White.  Skiers and non-skiers both rave about Crescendo’s entertainment options, which is why Crescendo is enjoyed by guests even outside of ski season.  Crescendo’s Media Room, for example, is outstanding!  The movie screen is 110”, with 7.1 surround sound (not to mention two 12” subwoofers).  More than 1400 movie titles are at your fingertips, literally.  They can be viewed by scrolling through their electronic jackets on our tablet (or when projected onto the screen), and controlled, of course, via the two touchpanels in that room (yes, you’ll find a customized remote controller in Crescendo’s Theatre, as well).

Teenagers on Board?  We Have You Covered!

 Crescendo's Rec Room.  I hear Dr. Mitch claims to have never lost a game at Ping Pong.  Bring it on!Is your teen a surfer, shredder, or skater;
or perhaps a biker, body-boarder, or blader?

Does your teen snowboard, skateboard, or sky-board;
skydive, high-dive, or scuba dive?

Maybe your teen’s a pumper, paddler, or packer;
or a punker, rocker, or rapper?

No matter, Crescendo is prepared.  More than 1000 square feet of pure fun permeates our Rec Room/Game Room level, including one (or more) video gaming systems.  Our video game library is stocked and ready for competing, for dancing, and for rocking-out!


Bored with Board Games?

For you Billiards Buffs, we have Bumper Pool. C'mon buddy, it's just a friendly game, right? Woo hoo! I'm all in!  Who's with me on this?Not a turbocharged teen?  Want something a little more sedate?  The Rec Room/Game Room also boasts a Poker Table, Bumper Pool Table, and a Professional Ping Pong Table.  Yep, we provide board games too.



The Total Gym's Power Tower compliments our fitness area.  Instructional & Work-Out DVDs are provided.No problem with body image here!  Crescendo is equipped with two very unique high-end fitness systems:  the PowerTower and the SwimGym.  The PowerTower from EFI Sports Medicine (and Total Gym) was designed for high-performance functional sports training (as well as for clinical physical rehabilitation).  Depending upon the routine chosen, the PowerTower can be used to improve mobility, endurance, and stability; or to increase functional strength or muscle mass.  EFI’s corporate office personally stocked our video library, with beginner to advanced workout routines that cover virtually every muscle group.

Crescendo’s SwimGym equally adds a novel dimension to recreation, to exercise therapy, and to sports medicine.  It’s non-aerated system creates an underwater current for stationary lap swimming.  When operated at its higher speeds, the current is forceful enough to produce a rigorous kayaking experience. (see our video of the SwimGym in operation)

No Snow?  No Problem!

Guests enjoy Crescendo year-round, where ...From late spring through early fall, in fact, are my favorite times at Crescendo.  Why?  Well, just take a look at our Outdoor Play areas, where you'll find resort-like comfort.  During the day, move freely between our pool and picnic table areas.  Later, enjoy the sunset, seated around our gas-fired Fire Table.  

... resort-like comfort abounds. Transitioning between those two areas, then, is seamless, accommodating seating for more than eighty people.





During the day, move freely between our pool and picnic table areas.Your chef, too, will enjoy the experience with you, as our new Grilling Station is fully integrated into that area.  A 38” Napoleon Grill (that’s 42 hamburgers), built into and surrounded by granite-topped bar seating.  With an abundance of counter space on either side of the grill, meals flow smoothly from grilling platters - to the grill - to serving platters.

Later, seated around our gas-fired Fire Table, enjoy the sunset.


The grilling station is a convenient extension of the nearby kitchen, so when it comes to providing an awesome gourmet experience, we’ve got you covered both inside and out.


Further, the entire space around both the Patio and Pool areas has been leveled, tiered, and landscaped.  Transitioning between the two areas is seamless, accommodating seating for more than eighty people.  Purposefully, too, with panoramic mountain vistas as the backdrop, the landscape’s design affords exceptional photographic opportunities.  Whether for an outdoor event (e.g., wedding) or for an intimate romantic dinner for two, Crescendo’s outdoor space is truly exceptional.

Want to enjoy your friends near the Jacuzzi, but not in the Jacuzzi? Well ...    ... you'll appreciate, then, the seating we've added to that area: especially after the snow has meltedWe've leveled, tiered, and landscaped all of the areas around the Pool and Patio areas.





Hiking & Biking

It has definitely arrived!  Biking at Big White.


Big White, officially, is off to a great start in constructing a world-class, lift-serviced mountain biking experience.  The bike park's Grand Opening debut was August 2017.


The trails have been master-planned by the industry's best.

The authentic, grassroots biking adventure, is slated for enduro, downhill, and freeride experiences.


Family flow trails provide feature rich learning environments, encouraging controlled trail speed.

Expert and pro-level trails, though, are available to more experienced, ...



... more competitive ...

... more aggressive ...



... did I say more competitive ...

... riders.


Biking photos courtesy of Big White Ski Resort

We’re committed to making your vacation experience at Crescendo (our Luxury Ski Chalet Accommodation & Lodging at Big White) both spectacular and unforgettable.  Please let us know how may we assist you in making that happen.  We are extremely easy to reach (especially by email), so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or by using the Booking Inquiry Form, here.

In the meantime, it’s with great pleasure that we present for your enjoyment, Crescendo.


Mitch Perlman, Owner

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