At Big White, Crescendo defines “Luxury”

Virtual Tour

Please enjoy Crescendo’s unique (and exceptionally cool) Virtual Tours below.  In addition to those tours, you may want to also enjoy our Video Tours and our Gallery Tours.  The Video Tours of Crescendo give a very realistic feel for the Ski Chalet, and the Gallery Tours of Crescendo provide pics for virtually all of Crescendo’s unique rooms and amenities.


Interior Tour:  click arrow & then fullscreen icon


Check out our all new 360° Virtual Tour!  You can literally walk through Crescendo's indoor (and outdoor) space:  every room, from top to bottom.  After clicking the arrow, be sure to then click the Fullscreen view (bottom right).  Check out, too, the Dollhouse view (bottom left, 3rd icon).  Too cool! 

Exterior Tour:  complements of Google

This is so cool (if you have enabled flash for Street View).  Google has mapped Big White, so you can now take a virtual-stroll from the village to Crescendo, and from Crescendo down the ski slopes on either side (to the Plaza, Ridge Rocket, or Snow Ghost chairs; to the Gondola).  Check it out below!


We’re committed to making your vacation experience at Crescendo (our Luxury Ski Chalet Accommodation & Lodging at Big White) both spectacular and unforgettable.  Please let us know how may we assist you in making that happen.  We are extremely easy to reach (especially by email), so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, or by using the Booking Inquiry Form, here.

In the meantime, it’s with great pleasure that we present for your enjoyment, Crescendo.


Mitch Perlman, Owner

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